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Top 8 best ferret food

Top 8 Best Ferret Food Products Reviewed in May, 2022

Ferrets are intelligent animals that make lovable pets but require knowledgeable pet care in order for them to live happy and long lives. If you’re already an owner, you’re probably familiar with the things that are healthy for their diet, and foods that aren’t. Most of the ingredients in their meals are basic but can sometimes be misunderstood due to the possible contrast to what ferrets eat in the wild versus what they’re sometimes given as house pets.

Digestive problems are an often indicator of poor diet and could increase the risk of debilitating health issues that weaken their bodies. The eight ferret foods reviewed below are shown to help better their health, containing a balanced mix of protein-rich meats and beneficial fats. After that, be sure to go over the buyer’s information for more in-depth guidance that will help you shorten your choices. The best two brands overall are announced in the conclusion.

Best Ferret Food

PreviewFoodWeightProtein (Per Serving)Contains GrainFlavorPrice
Marshall Premium Ferret (Editor's Choice)29.8 lbs 38% minYes (Corn Meal)Chicken, BeerCheck Price
ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet(People's Choice) 8-24 lbs40% minNoChicken, PotatoCheck Price
Uncle Jim's "Original" Duk Soup Mix4.5 oz (24 pack)34% minNoChicken, Garlic, CodCheck Price
Better in the Raw for Ferrets 2-12 oz40% minNoEgg, BeefCheck Price
IHill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food5 lbs60% minNoChickenCheck Price
Purina Animal Nutrition C Mazuri5 lbs38% minYes (Ground Brown Rice)Brown Rice, Soybean, FishCheck Price
Mazuri Complete Nutrition5 lbs35% minYes (Rice)SoybeanCheck Price
Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Nuggets - Dinner for Dogs 4 lbs42% minNoChicken/TurkeyCheck Price

This comparison list shows quantity, weight, and the average amount of protein provided in each serving (at a minimum). The flavors are specified by the primary ingredients but may contain others. For more specifications, refer to the product description links in each of the reviews.

Your Pet Ferret Will Love These 8 Foods

1. Marshall Premium Ferret Diet Food — Best Ferret Food For Diarrhea (Editor’s Choice)

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The Marshall Premium Ferret Diet is sold in a hefty-looking bag that consists of small cylinder-shaped kibbles. The pack contains four bags total, enough to last for a long stretch without needing more at a date too close to its arrival. The content is made meticulously, produced at low temperatures that allow nutrition to stay in the food instead of being destroyed by heat. It’s formulated to pass through their digestive tract without symptoms of lethargy, absorbing most of the contents into their bodies and resulting in healthy stools that are easy to clean and solid. Its consistency is also great for strengthening a ferret’s teeth, so consider this product if you’ve noticed them showing signs of weak canines.

  • The food is processed at a low temperature to help maintain a good balance of nutrients that are vital to a ferret’s health
  • Goes through the digestive system with ease; little worry for poor stools and diarrhea
  • A good source for teething
  • Can be mixed with water if needed
  • Strengthens the fur and prevents excessive shedding and odor
    • The paper bag is susceptible to tearing; recommended to be put away in a separate bag, if possible

2. ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet — Best Ferret Food For Balanced Diet (People’s Choice)

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The ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet is sold in sizes of eight, sixteen, and 24 pounds. It’s one of the best for ferrets that have suffered from mild to severe diarrhea and is commonly recommended by veterinarians nationwide. Kibble size is moderate and easy for young and old ages to chew and consume without issues. The ingredients contain a balanced mix of protein and fat-rich products that prevent stomach backups. In fact, you won’t even need to add supplements into their meal with this brand. Simply pour into their container and allow them to dig in. Although weight increases are possible, it’s unlikely to occur so long as you’re careful not to give them too much during their feeding times. Recommended for ferrets that are underweight and/or have had no adverse reactions to food containing wheat.

  • Decreases the smell of excrement and prevents liquid stools
  • The small round kibbles are shaped well enough for any ferret to chew well
  • Cleanses the digestive tract and prevents backups
  • Requires no additional supplements to be added into the meal
    • Contains flour and great wheat, flax seed and pulp from beets (for those needing to avoid)
    • May cause diarrhea in some ferrets (not severe)
    • Excessive weight gain is a possibility, especially if too much of the food is given during mealtime

3. Uncle Jim’s “Original” Duk Soup Mix for Ferrets — Best Ferret Food For Sick Ferrets

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Uncle Jim’s Original Duk Soup Mix comes in packs of 24 individually-packed resealable pouches. It’s great as an additive to an already-existing diet or as a standalone snack to feed them in between meals. Everything should stay fresh for a long time, so don’t worry about rushing through the packs too quickly; you don’t want them to put on too much weight from this food that’s sure to be a great tasting meal for your ferret. Minimal ingredients make it the ideal source for those that are sick or coming back home from surgeries. Just check with your pet’s doctor before you serve. Don’t expect to replace this with their main food source, however.

  • The bags are resealable and maintains freshness much longer than paper bags
  • The blend of ingredients is ideal for sick ferrets; aids in bolstering the immune system
  • Sold in individual packs of 24 (4.5 ounces each); easy to administer without giving too much
    • Not formulated to replace a ferret’s primary dietary needs
    • The food may require mixing to be palatable to some ferrets

4. Better in the Raw for Ferrets — Best Grain-Free Ferret Food

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If you’ve tried many different processed ferret foods but have had mixed results with them. Maybe your ferret would be better suited with Better in the Raw. It’s a simple mixture of high-quality contents that must be blended with your a food source, most likely a raw meat diet. It contains no grain and can be given to any ferret, regardless of age. Once added into the food, it absorbs fast, bolstering the health benefit of the content to which it’s digested with once passed through their digestive tract. Again, you’ll have to use it with meat, which means that it’s not formulated to be given to ferrets on its own. If you need something that’s ready to eat immediately upon opening the pack, then you should look at the other product shown.

  • Contains no grain in the ingredients
  • Easily blends with meats; ideal for creating homemade ferret food
  • Sold in three different sizes
  • The powder dissolves quickly during the cooking process
  • No sweeteners or sugars
  • No additional supplements required
    • Requires mixing with meat; not a standalone ferret food

5. Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support – Dry Ferret Food — Best Ferret Food For Raw Food Supplement

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The Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 can be bought in either one five-pound bag or in a box containing four. Whichever you decide, you’ll be getting some of the best in content per serving. The ingredients are nearly the same as a standard raw food diet. You’ll notice coats that look and feel healthier, resulting in less annoying shedding to vacuum later. Ferrets are likely to respond well to scent and taste. Protein content is excellent as well and will surely keep them energized and robust. However, don’t expect to use this as a successful transitional food. Mixing with other ferret meal is unlikely to get them off of meals they are currently eating. If your ferret is picky in what they consume, you may encounter problems. Regardless, the food will be well-served for most ferrets and is recommended mostly to those with moderate (but not severe) afflictions.

  • The ingredients are very identical to a strictly raw ferret diet
  • Keeps the coat shiny and soft for as long as the food is eaten
  • Although it can be mixed with other kibbles, blending is likely not needed; smells and tastes pleasant to ferrets
  • High amounts of protein per-serving
    • Not very reliable and a transitional food
    • May lead to short-term moderate digestive problems

6. Purina Animal Nutrition C Mazuri Ferret Diet — Best Ferret Food For Weight Reduction

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The C Mazuri Ferret Food by Purina is another kibble-infused blend of different soy ingredients. It’s a good alternative that’s well served to ferrets that are sick or have shown a disinterest of kibbles containing chicken. Yet fish is also included here, a great source of protein. This product isn’t grain free though and contains brown rice. While there are lots of nutritious compounds listed, grain along might be enough for you to try other items shown in the reviews instead. But if this isn’t of concern, consider the food as a way to reduce weight gain from other meals.

  • The kibbles are easy to grind into smaller bits for baby ferrets
  • Good combination of nutrients to help slim out ferrets that are overweight
  • Does not cause lingering smells in the fur and during stools
    • Not likely to prevent shedding or soften brittle coats

7. Mazuri Complete Nutrition Ferret Diet Natural Formulated Healthy Pet Food — Best Ferret Food For Blending

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The Mazuri Complete contains kibbles that are easy to digest and bite. It balances out protein and fat well but, like the other Mazuri product shown prior, include soy as well. But don’t let that stop you from mixing with additional meals, as it’s a nutritional label is small and manages to be compatible with raw foods. You might not wish to acquire if your pet ferret has shown a dislike to blends that contain some vegetables (as soy is technically a vegetable). If all looks good though, you’ll definitely want to transfer to another container, as the bag often do not seal properly. You don’t want your ferret’s food to spoil too early, so keep this in mind before you order.

  • Easy to chew and swallow; the kibbles are perfectly sized
  • Ingredients contain plenty of essential nutrients (protein, meat) but remains easy to mix with other ferret foods
    • The plastic zippered bag may not close completely when ready to reseal

8. Kaytee Premium Ferret Food With Chicken — Best Ferret Food For Fat Content

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The final brand is the Kaytee Premium Ferret Food, small kibbles that include real chicken and in each morsel. If you’ve been searching for something to help rejuvenate a ferret with considerably poor fur, this blend has the appropriate amount of fat to get their skin and hair back healthy within the span of a week’s time (or less, in some cases). And while there’s no grain or gluten in the bag, it does list pea flour, something that carries a slight risk of kidney stones. If your ferret has had trouble with this before, try out the other brands shown before picking Kaytee Premium. It’s nutritious but best for ferrets that aren’t susceptible to developing problems with urinating.

  • High-grade chicken pieces added into the kibbles
  • No gluten or grain contents included
  • Has a good combination of healthy fats to support long-term fur health; prevents the annoyance of shedding
    • Contains pea flour (has a small risk of developing kidney stones)
    • The kibbles are often cracked or broken into fine particles that settle near the bottom of the bag
    • For some ferrets, a transition to the food may taken longer than anticipated

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right ferret food for your pet is often made more difficult than necessary. It’s the same as searching for a dog or cat food in many ways, whereby you’ll get the best for them by doing lots of homework before you buy. This should include asking your local veterinarian, as they could examine your ferret and suggest foods that are guaranteed to keep your little one healthy. Still, it’s very possible that some of those recommendations could be the products reviewed above. Below are several good tips of what to know before you check out.


Gastrointestinal problems are fairly common with indoor ferrets. They could be caused by lots of different issues. From parasites to simple illnesses, the condition is sometimes difficult to gauge by pet owners alone. If your ferret is showing signs such as loose or watery stool, weakness, and difficulty eating, it’s best to have them looked at by a vet instead to attempting to diagnose of your own. Once that is complete, they may recommend specific foods for you to administer that can alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea. Many of the brands listed in the reviews above contain select ingredients to which the ailment can be either reduced or outright eliminated. If you’re not sure, go over them with a healthcare professional to see which products they would advise.

Ferret Fur

If you have noticed signs of your ferret’s fur shedding or looking frizzled, you may want to consider changing their diet to foods with ingredients specified to get it back healthy again. Ferrets require a diet that is rich in protein, meats, and healthy fats. Knowing this, look for brands that list protein percentages of a least 30 percent at a minimum and fats between 15 to 30 percent. Doing this can sometimes be difficult, as the companies that produce the food do not always specify every ingredient on the packaging alone (or in the product descriptions online). Overall, if you prioritize protein and fat, their coat should improve very quickly. The product shown above all contain good amounts of these ingredients; whatever you pick from the list, you’ll end up with less hair on your carpet or furniture once it’s worked into their feeding schedule!

Ingredients that You should think Twice About

Ferrets, like any animal, are well-suited for some ingredients but risk becoming unhealthy with others. Although some of this is dependent on the nature of your individual pet, the consensus is the dairy products, fruits, and sugars are the worst for their diet. However, there are others. Grain is often not advised by vets but there are exceptions. You will sometimes find it listed within some products. In the wild, ferrets are strictly carnivores and rely upon meat as the sole source of nutrition; deviating away from this too far is likely to lead to health problems later in the animal’s life. Still, small portions of grain may not produce any issues. There are brands that don’t contain grains at all and will oftentimes be easy to spot, as “grain free” is a common selling point among ferret food products.

Unlikely Symptoms

As stated in the earlier section, you should check with your pet’s doctor at the first signs of illness in your little friend. It could be something as simple as a cold or other common sicknesses. But if you see them vomiting or showing signs of lethargy, it could be a sign of a recommended change in their food intake or overall meal choices. If your ferret getting the right quantity of meat, or are they consuming too many vegetables? Check out the ingredients to the food you are giving them currently. Does it contain any gluten? Or maybe they have sneaked in table scraps of something that you recently ate yourself. Whatever the case may be, don’t rule out the things in which they are eating. Keeping up with their feeding habits could extend the life of your ferret much longer than sticking to the same eating routines, expecting different results.

Imitating a Raw Diet

Having already discussed that ferrets are naturally carnivorous, it’s likely that your pet is already enjoying a good deal of meats and proteins. But if you really want to make them feat on the things that are best of their health, you could focus on foods that limit contents to as few preservatives and fruit/vegetable items as possible. There are ferret brands that sell mixes, whereby the content is powdered into a fine consistency and added with meals that are prepared by the pet owner. While one such brand is listed in the reviews with these qualities, is sometimes difficult to find in others. As such, fewer processed components in the kibbles is a good route to keeping your ferret as close to a raw diet as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to give them uncooked meat to achieve this, as pet foods made for them can be found with similar properties to what they would consume if they were alone.

Transitioning to Other Ferret Foods

Much like dogs or cats, changing your ferret’s food to something new isn’t always as easy as placing the new meal in their bowl. Sometimes, they require a bit of assistance before diving into the latest feats you’ve prepared for them. If necessary, you can mix some brands with their old food, adding a little bit more every day until completely done of the previous product. Rush too quickly and they might turn up their nose at just the sight of the new brand you’ve bought. If your ferret is a very picky eater or you’ve tried several items that didn’t get their attention, it would be best to limit your next purchase to something that isn’t sold in bulk. Some of the food shown in the reviews contains several packs, so look at the quantity of what you’re considering and acquire something in the smallest size possible if you wish to test out more several items over a set time period.


Ferret food should be stored the same as you would cat or dog food. If you notice any tears or holes in the bag, consider transferring all of the contents into an airtight container. Doing so will allow the food to remain fresh for a longer period. Most food products for them consist of dry kibbles and considered non-perishable. You won’t have to place anything in the refrigerator on most instances, but in the off chance that you do, the brand should inform you on either the packaging or product description. A plastic container is best, and will also keep the food from crumbling. Try to store it in a location (such as a pantry or cabinet) that’s cool and dry. Many ferret food products are moving to bag with resealable bags though, so as long as there aren’t any gaping cuts or openings anywhere on the surface, keeping it in the original packaging should suffice.


Getting the ferret foods that’s best for your pet could any one of the products shown in the reviews. Because of this, you’re advised to go with either what you or your veterinarian knows will be best for them. Still, the Marshall Premium and ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet Foods maintain outstanding ingredient listings and great nutritional benefit to most ferrets (listed and rated as the first and second products in the reviews). But maybe you need something more specific for a ferret that has more peculiar eating habits. Don’t rule out the others evaluated, for they are great for ferrets with more conservative dietary needs. Whichever brand you end up settling on, you’ll have a happier ferret that’s energized and in good trim.

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