Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism in 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

dog with hypothyroidism

Prevent Thyroid Problems in your Dog With These Clinically-Proven Foods

Hypothyroidism is a serious disorder that affects both humans and dogs, the latter being especially sensitive to the problems that it can cause when left untreated. If your dog has suffered from thyroid problems in the past or is giving an indication of such, the problem is likely to be coming from the food they are consuming. There are many brands sold in grocery stores that could lead to this occurring. Your dog may experience numerous symptoms that range from fatigue, stomach aches, skin rashes, and diarrhea. Reviewed below are the best dog foods for hypothyroidism, formulated to combat such problems when they arise. The ingredients include high protein meats and vegetables, so even if your dog hasn’t exhibited any signs of illness, the brands shown remain a viable dietary choice to add to their bowl. Be sure to check out the Buyer’s Guide as well, then concluding with the top two products chosen from the list with the highest recommendations.

This comparison table lists some of the primary ingredients and sizes available in the links provided next to each review. If there is more information needed, just read the product’s description at the source.

Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism

PreviewFoodSizeGrain-FreeContains RicePrice
Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Adult - Venison & Bison (Editor's Choice)5-30 lbsYesNoCheck Price
Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken (People's Choice)4-26 lbsYesNoCheck Price
Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Dry Dog Food35 lbsNoYesCheck Price
Natural Adult Dry Dog Food Salmon4.5-24 lbsYesNoCheck Price
IHill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food4-30 lbsNo (Contains Barley)NoCheck Price
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food - Sweet Potato & Fish Formula 4.5-26 lbsYesNoCheck Price
OC Raw Freeze Dried Rabbit & Produce Sliders14 ozYesNoCheck Price
Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Nuggets - Dinner for Dogs 12 ozYesNoCheck Price
Instinct Be Natural Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety Formerly Prairie by Nature's Variety4.5-25 lbsNoYesCheck Price
Nutro Lite And Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food30 lbsNoNoCheck Price
Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food, Grain Free, Turkey & Potato6-28 lbsYesNoCheck Price

11 Best Dog Foods For Hypothyroidism Reviewed


1. Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Adult – Venison & Bison — Best Dog Food For Severe Hypothyroidism Symptoms (Editor’s Choice)

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Taste of the Wild is a dog food that’s impressive in just about every quality, from the decorative packaging to the taste that’s given to every kibble. There’s lots of rave about here, and the food can be eaten by both puppies and seniors. Nutritional value is its selling point and the brand has become known throughout the country is one of those receiving a high recommendation from veterinarians nationwide. Speaking about the ingredients, there’s no grain listed. This will help you keep your dog’s weight in check, while at the same time preventing excessive weight loss from any thyroid problems your best friend may have. It tops off the list like the one suggested for all pets, and may even become a staple for your dog’s diet over table scraps.
  • Contains no grain in the ingredients
  • Protein sources are caught from non-farm raised animals; no beef by-products
  • Recommended by veterinarians throughout the country
  • Low carbs per serving
    • May cause brief diarrhea in dogs that are not accustomed to frequent meal changes
    • May result in stool that is strong in odor

2. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken — Best Dog Food For Diarrhea (People’s Choice)

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Not only is beef by-products a big factor in producing thyroid issues in dogs. Ingredients such as soy, corn, and artificial flavors could increase the unwanted effect of the disorder. If you’re worried about such components in your pet’s dog food, try out Wellness Core Natural, a grain-free meal that takes out the bad and leaves only great dietary attributes inside. Chicken, turkey, and vegetables are the primary ingredients, but essential vitamins and fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3s are present too. It will quickly take away your dog’s agitation from eating less nutritional food, and their fur will shine and stay on their skin much longer.
  • Contains a good combination of both clean proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Soy, corn, and animal by-products are excluded
  • Small and large-sized bag to choose
  • Lowers nervousness and improves fur strength
    • The zip bag does not keep the bag fresh for a long period; separate container recommended for storage

3. Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend Salmon — Best Grain Alternative Dog Food

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Purina comes out strong with its Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend, salmon-blended dog food that takes away grain but replaces it with something much more nutritious, which is rice. If you don’t know about the benefits of adding rice to your dog’s diet, it helps to alleviate gastrointestinal problems that are likely to happen with hypothyroidism. Diarrhea is a huge issue with such, which can lead to dehydration, and tiredness very quickly after finishing a bowel movement with watery stools. The rice also adds more protein on top of that existing in the chicken, which doesn’t include by-products. There’s no beef listed, and that means no likely occurrence of cow glands getting mixed in with the dog food itself. Recommended for those who dislike grain in their pet’s food but with to substitute with something beneficial to their diet.
  • Rice is listed in the ingredients, a good alternative source for clean protein
  • Formula is easy for dogs to adjust, those which tend to ignore new brands
  • Contains only shredded pieces of chicken (no beef included, no hypothyroidism-causing ingredients)
  • Leaves solid stool
    • Some dogs may be full from just one bowl; the regimented ingredients can result in needing more to satisfy hunger for some breeds

4. Natural Adult Dry Dog Food Salmon — Best Dog Food For Puppies and Seniors

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Natural Adult Dry Dog Food will be a dog’s dream come true, especially so if they love the taste of salmon. But the flavor alone isn’t the only thing to rave about here; thyroid problems will diminish when used with their already existing medication, and the chances of severe symptoms happening won’t likely occur. Seizures come to mind. The kibbles are also great for puppies, so don’t worry about their teeth getting damaged. They won’t feel so tired after eating, and stools will come out solid again. Just be careful about sediment in the bag, as there have been instances of bone fragments getting inside. To avoid this, simply use a separate container to store your dog food. That way, you’ll be able to see all of its contents before feeding it to your pet.
  • Lowers the likelihood of seizures and other ailments related to thyroid problems
  • Kibbles are easy for puppies and adult dogs to crunch
  • Improves bone and muscle strength; strengthens immune system with antioxidants and lots of vitamins
    • Some bags may contain small bits (possibly bone fragments) mixed with the kibbles

5. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food — Best Dog Food For Medication Side Effects

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Hill’s Science is another dog food recommended by vets for reducing hypothyroidism symptoms. Even the package indicates a no-nonsense ingredients list. If you have your dog on thyroid medication, this will prevent unwanted side effects from happening, such as poor stools and stomach aches. It’s also a great way to take down their allergies, the kind that keeps them scratching at their fur and shedding. As a result, rashes and cuts won’t cover their legs, and you will have less to worry about when it’s time to clean your carpet. Just be prepared for smelly stool. While it’s not severe, you’ll definitely notice it. Regardless, Hill’s Science is sufficient dog food for people that like to mix their pet’s meals up with home-cooked foods from the kitchen.
  • Lowers side effects that are commonly found in dogs when taking thyroid medication (runny stools, upset stomach, infrequent bowel movements)
  • Works as a good allergy prevention food that can lower the need for scratching
  • Real animal products only; lots of amino acids and vitamins/minerals (no beef)
  • Contains omega-6 fatty acids, great for eliminating digestive issues
  • Keeps hair and skin in good shape, bouts of shedding will be decreased
    • Stool may come out smelly

6. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food – Sweet Potato & Fish Formula — Best Dog Food For Minimal Ingredients

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Sometimes, less is more. Especially when you’re looking for dog food that helps to fight hypothyroidism. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets keeps things simple but highly nutritious for your dog’s bowl. It contains sweet potatoes and fish, a good blend that’s great when there’s a need to substitute beef or chicken. But one big catch is the smell. It might be enough to put your dog off from eating it if attempted without blending together with something else. And that correlates to strong stool odor as well. to prevent this, it would be wise to mix. But when you need to keep their diet as minimal as possible, Nutritional Balance is the right way to go.
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors
  • Contains a good combination of fish and sweet potato, making it more palatable than other limited-ingredient dog foods
  • Reduced most physical symptoms that could be the cause of other dog foods, such as those with thyroid-containing products (no beef, no chicken)
    • The dog food itself has an unpleasant smell to it
    • Some dogs that are sensitive to odd smells may not attempt to eat the food unless blended

7. OC Raw Freeze Dried Rabbit & Produce Sliders 14oz — Best Dog Food For Switching Meals

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If you have your dog on a majority-meat diet, then OC Raw Freeze Dried Rabbit and Produce Sliders would be a tasty treat for them. It is freeze dried but non-perishable, which means you don’t have to worry about refrigeration. Just store it in a cool place that’s dry, same as your other dog foods. There’s no gluten or grain in the ingredients, and this results in a great tasting treat that will help dogs with thyroid problems block the symptoms from prolonging into more serious issues. The package is much smaller than most of the dog food brands shown already, and it makes a great snack to have around if you’re in transit with your pet outside. It’s also a useful way to work problem dog food brands into their rotation, so if there’s something else you’re looking at from the list that you think could taste bad to them, consider blending it with OC Raw. Your dog will thank you for it.
  • The dog food has been freeze-dried, which helps preserve taste and smell
  • Small package dimensions that are easy to store and reseal
  • Contains no gluten or grain
  • Recommended as a dog food during a difficult rotation or transition from more unhealthier brands
    • Some of the bags may have defective zip containers, necessitating a plastic container for storage

8. Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Nuggets – Dinner for Dogs (Salmon/Chicken) by Raw Rewards — Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs

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This Northwest Naturals Product is another freeze-dried blend that that has been cut into small squares. Chicken and Salmon lovers (dogs, that is) will be quick to scarf this down whenever you’re looking for something to give them as a reward. But even as standalone dog food, it works great. The combination smells good and will satisfy their hunger quickly, especially for those that may have diarrhea. Add this into their bowl and you’ll find that everything will come out much better than the average store-bought brands. They are easy to chew and can be used for any breed without issue. The biggest downside is the package itself, which is small and will not last very long. If you think they will go through it quickly, then more than one bag is suggested.
  • The salmon and chicken combination will get most dog’s attention
  • Can be used as either a snack item or a meal
  • The nuggets are easy for most dogs to bite
    • Does not last long due to small packaging, no variations in size

9. Instinct Be Natural Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature’s Variety Formerly Prairie by Nature’s Variety — Best Dog Food For Taste

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Back to the dry kibbles, the Instinct Be Natural Recipe has beef but uses it in a way that’s completely safe for dogs that are suffering from hypothyroidism. No by-products exist here, and you can be assured that every morsel is nutritious and of great benefit to any dogs that are sick. Whether small or large, puppy or old, they will love how it tastes similar to what they may already be familiar with but ends up being much better for their body. There are many different sizes and flavors available from the same product also. If your plan is to try out small samples first, the smallest available is only 4.5 pounds. Shedding might not diminish so quickly though. So unless your dog’s hair is all over your carpet, this dog food formula should keep them healthy just like the rest.
  • The beef listed in the ingredients is American raised, having no harmful substitute parts
  • Suitable for small dogs (the kibble sizes are small)
  • Blends with other dog foods perfectly during a transition
  • A large range of sizes and different flavors to pick
    • Some dogs may develop skin allergies when used for the first time(shedding and itching)

10. Nutro Lite And Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food — Best Non-GMO Dog Food

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The Nutro LIte and Weight Management Adult is dry kibbles but blended heartedly with chicken and that has been farm raised. If concerned about preservatives and additives like GMOs, there’s nothing to be found in this package. Your dog will show great improvements in energy and meal consumption, as the taste is great and not smelly like some of the others reviewed. However, listed in the ingredients is grain, so if that’s a resounding “no” for you, consider what has already been shown on the list. Healthier dogs could still benefit, particularly if you know that grain won’t cause them any negative effects. It’s also suggested for owners that need to regulate or gain control of their dog’s increasing weight grain that cause be caused by certain medications.
  • Zero GMO ingredients listed (no genetically modified organisms)
  • Increases muscle strength and prevents spams from happening due to thyroid troubles
  • Can be fed to all breed stages from puppy, adult, and senior
  • Reduces excessive weight gain brought on from unhealthy dog foods
    • Grain is included in its blend

11. Nutro Lite And Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food — Best Non-GMO Dog Food

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The final dog food product is Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry, a wholesome brand that has no gluten or grains listed on the nutritional label. Skin irritation is key here, so for dogs with poor fur that has been caused by hypothyroidism, the effects will become a thing of the past. Their stomach will also be in check, and those multiple trips into the backyard from diarrhea will go away after a day or two. There’s real turkey meat also, and large dogs will love how full one bowl will make them. But this only applied to larger breeds and ages only. Puppies will have a difficult time trying to get the kibble down. Because of this, the product isn’t recommended for them. Make sure that your dog has the ability to bite them, and be prepared for smelly bowels. Still, Rachael Ray’s product shows that she’s not only a great cook for humans but pets as well.
  • No grain, no gluten
  • Takes away skin rashes and reduces strong appetite (when causes by hypothyroidism)
  • Solves stomach problems almost immediately
  • Real turkey included in the ingredients
    • The kibbles are large and may not be chewed well with smaller dogs and puppies
    • Results in bad-smelling stool after consumption

Buyer’s Guide

Thyroid problems in your dog and manifest into more severe issues, if left unchecked later down the line. Your vet may have told you what to look out for before you settle on a dog food that caters to such ailments. While it’s pretty simple to find, specific brands are better suited for hypothyroidism than others. Use the information below to help narrow down your pick before you buy.

Ingredients to Avoid

As with any dog food you buy, you’ll want to have as much information regarding the ingredients as possible before you make your next purchase. This is often the reason for returns or unsatisfactory results; getting something that doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to can be frustrating for both you and your dog. While most brands do a fine job of listing what’s inside the food in the product description alone, others may list only what they want you to see the most. If you’re not sure, look for any brands that contain by-products of any sort. Not all by-products are necessarily bad for your dog, but the ones you’ll want to steer clear form are beef. The origins of Hypothyroidism in dogs can often be traced to cattle consumption that contains gullets and gland parts, of which the by-product is known for having. Whenever you see this inside a brand of dog food you’re looking for (one to combat the symptoms of thyroid issues), look elsewhere.

The Ingredients you Want

When some pet owners look for food that will eliminate their dog’s thyroid troubles, they may often search for brands that contain the fewest ingredients. While this can sometimes be good to do, it’s not always recommended. This is especially true depending on other factors that you as a pet owner would see or hear from your dog’s veterinarian. But you’ll want to get something that contains quality proteins and lots of nutrients. And by protein, this means from sources such as fish, chicken, or even rice. One of hypothyroidism main symptoms is also weight loss and a lack of energy, so antioxidants, vitamins C, E, and B12 are suggested. Grain is sometimes not favored and is often substituted with rice, so if your dog is having moderate to severe stomach and stool problems, switch to the latter or go without both.

Preparing for Your Dog

This is sometimes the hardest part due to every dog responding to foods differently. When you’re dealing with a new brand that your friend hasn’t tried before, they could either gouge it down in seconds or tip their noise in the air. Smell is often the first reasons they may avoid food specifically produced for thyroid problems. The lack of ingredients can sometimes result in an odor from the bag that won’t get better when it’s time for them to handle their business outside. If you want to ensure that they will enjoy the meal you’ve provided, mix it up with either a brand they know or food that you’ve prepared for them from scratch. Gradually work your way into the new dog food until they can get it down without needed help from something else. As for how long this process can last, times vary. Just don’t give up on the first attempt!

Kibble Size

The size of the kibble in the bag you’re interested in is a sometimes forgotten about factor with dog food that could also make it difficult to impossible for some dogs to feast on. You might have to view a photo to know exactly how big the sizes are, but most brands shown in the reviews will specify this in the product’s description. If you have a puppy or small dog such as a Chihuahua, stick the kibble that is tinier. For larger breeds, small or large could work, depending on their preference. Just know that buying the wrong size could not only result in them eating less but damaging their teeth over time. Furthermore, be sure that there are no other substances within the dog food itself, as bone fragments can sometimes make their way into the product when the kibbles are being processed. This isn’t likely to occur though, but an acceptable precaution to take, in any case.

Bringing Back their Appetite

The physical indicators of hypothyroidism are many, but a common one is weight loss. Dog food that is poor in ingredients could be the cause of them passing watery stools frequently, which can lead to dehydration and a fast reduction in weight. To stop this from happening, you want dog foods that are high in protein and fiber. When it passes through the stomach, more contents will be absorbed into the body, providing your pet with the proper amount of nutrients and fat that they need to stay at a healthy size. Less watery stools mean more beneficial properties being taken into their muscles, brains, and bones. And with the right dog food, weight loss could be blocked after a month from buying one of the foods on the list above.

Side Effects

Like all things, dog food that is formulated to fight hypothyroidism could have some side effects. The most likely is a stool that’s strong in odor. A reduction or elimination of additives in the food itself is the cause for this. And while it’s not really something that could risk their health, the smell could drive them away from the food after it’s consumed a few times. And while shedding and itching are often reduced with many of the brands, the opposite effect could occur with some breeds, at least for a short period of time. Weight gain may happen, particularly if your dog takes a liking to the food. Keep them active while when its a part of their diet by taking them out for walks and exercise as often as you can. But other than these few matters, there’s no much else to be concerned for (in terms of side effects).


Now that the reviews and buyer’s information is done, it’s likely that you have an idea of what product you believe is the best fit for your dog (unless you skipped through the Buyer’s Guide). If so, there’s no need to worry. There are two products that take the cake as the best in terms of result expected and ingredients. Taste Of The Wild and Wellness Core Natural brands (the first and second reviews) come out on top and have loads of health-benefiting nutrients that will quickly get rid of any problems brought on by hypothyroidism. Your dog will certainly thank you after they have tried one of these. But if there was another product that caught your eye over the first two, feel free to let your dog take a sample. Most can be bought in small bags, so it won’t hurt to change up to several brands until you’re sure you have something that both you and your pet will enjoy.

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